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Environmental Responsibility & Strategy 
These are the guiding principles of the Pond Mountain Inn Environmental Responsibility Strategy. We are focused on integrating environmental sustainability throughout our small business footprint. Our goals and beliefs include:
Reducing and measuring our energy and water consumption patterns. 
Increasing local and organic dining options by partnering with local farmers, growers and seafood purveyors.
Sourcing environmentally preferred products.
Eliminating, reducing and replacing the harsh effects of laundry detergents and cleaning products 
with environmentally friendly products.
Integrating Eco-friendly cleaning brands: Green Clean, Oxy-Green, Nature's Way, Simple Green, Neutraclean, Bi-O-Kleen, Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products, Clorox Green Works, Ecos, Seventh Generation cleaning products and traditional eighteenth/nineteenth century cleaning remedies.
Diverting 700-1000 lbs. of municipal waste through an active composting strategy, thus reclaiming valuable natural resources that will be integrated back into our organic gardens.  
Keeping indoor plants throughout the inn to absorb harmful gases and generate fresh oxygen.
We will begin with these guiding principles by mastering “the noteworthy basics”. We will try our best to have more respect for nature, as well as an understanding of how to live more environmentally.  

A Vermont Bed and Breakfast Complete with Neighboring Mountain Views
Your hosts, Kay and Glenn Dunn, want your stay at Pond Mountain Inn to be a memorable, enriching experience. Since assuming ownership of this quintessential Vermont bed and breakfast in October 2013, they have made thoughtful changes that retain the tradition and character of this exact replica of a 1800s Eyebrow Cape. These thoughtful improvements enable them to satisfy their guests’ highest standards and to confirm their commitment to extraordinary service and accommodations not normally found outside Dorset or Manchester.
Worldwide travelers for the past twenty years, Kay and Glenn have accumulated over five thousand night stays in hotels spread across five continents. This experience has informed their understanding of the attentive service and distinctive amenities that produce positive customer experiences. Thus, they are dedicated to offering their guests the same kind of service and experience they expect. It is their wish that every guest feels at home from the first moment of arrival to the (hopefully regretful) time of departure.  
Glenn and Kay have been happily married for eighteen years, having met on a flight from Manila to Narita, Japan in August 1996. Kay was a Bangkok-based flight attendant for Northwest Airlines, and Glenn worked as an expatriate living in the Philippines. Three months after their first encounter, they held their first date at Shangri-La Hotel’s Cheval Blanc Restaurant in Manila. They married in Bangkok, Thailand in 1998 at Kay's family residence and again in New Jersey, United States in 2000.

Your hosts are honored that you have considered their bed and breakfast, and they are firmly committed to creating a relaxing, comfortable stay for you and your family. Their home is truly your home!
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